Our Leak Detection Services

We have been providing leak detection services to London and the surrounding counties for over 20 years, and can deliver fast efficient and economical solutions for both domestic and commercial clients. All of our engineers and staff are qualified professionals who will go above and beyond to provide the very best service available. It is our promise that we will rectify all problems with ease, no fuss, and in the most cost effective manner possible.

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Trace and Access Survey

Sometimes leaks are not always so easily detected and they require specialist trace services to identify and stop the water leakage. Our team of experienced engineers use a variety of advanced tools to pinpoint the location causing minimum disruption to your home or business, before applying a long-term solution to stop the flow of water.

Whether the leak is behind a wall, under the floor, in the loft or in an outside area we respond quickly to your call out to prevent further damage being done. At LDS we understand how stressful a leak or water drainage issue can be and our friendly, professional team get to the heart of the problem quickly and effectively.

Leak Detection Survey

We provide leak detection surveys for both domestic and commercial properties, sourcing hidden pipe leaks using non-destructive solutions. Instead of excavating the area, we use specialist equipment such as ultrasound and thermography to find the leak to save time, money and stress.

A leak can be arise due to anything from corrosion to aged infrastructure and poor workmanship and they need to be sourced and resolved to avoid costly repairs being needed. It’s an area we specialise in at LDS, finding the origin of the water flow and performing vital repairs that return the system back to its normal state.

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Thermal Imaging Survey

We have used thermal imaging survey technology for years, helping countless customers to source leaks from underfloor heating or concealed pipe work. Where water accumulates may not always be the source of the leak and using this method saves time and enables our engineers to find the leak with pinpoint accuracy.

It can be used in either an indoor or outdoor setting, producing detailed infrared images for use to inspect before applying a bespoke solution to your system. The process can be carried out without causing any damage to building surfaces and along with use of additional equipment such as damp meters all our results can be further validated. Once completed we provide a thorough report including thermal images, analysis and our repair recommendations.

Drainage Pressurised Smoke Testing

To test the integrity of pipe work and drains, and to effectively trace potentially dangerous smells and odours, our pressurised smoke testing offers the ideal solution.

Smoke is forced under pressure into a drainage system using an inspection chamber, and if the pipe features any defects the smoke can be seen either above or below ground level.

Drainage pressurised smoke testing is also highly effective at pinpointing rodent entry points and vent pipe effectiveness and to trace hidden manholes and inspection chambers. If smoke is able to pass through the system it also indicates that dangerous sewer gases could also enter the property – the presence of water in the system is designed to prevent this from occurring.

This is one of the most cost-effective methods available and the smoke used is non-toxic, so no harm will come to anyone in the vicinity of the test.

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What Our Clients Say

Henry Vaughan, ROL Construction

London drainage services are an integral part of our organisation in delivering whole drainage systems fully functional and defect free to our clients. London drainage services are reliable, efficient and competitive and have delivered projects from one off houses to large multi block developments

Ben Read, BTR Building Services

I have used London Drainage Services for over ten years and have always found them reliable, responsive and competitively priced. They are flexible and quickly adjust to any site requirement with well trained, expert workforce.

Nicholas Asamoah, Property Management Officer, Notting Hill Genesis

Efficiency - 10/10, Quality of Work - 10/10 and Customer Service. I cannot speak highly enough of a contractor who I have given emergency repairs and standard to day with different SLA times but the same efficient output. They were even just as efficient during the first lockdown in March 2020 and I have no qualms with this contractor following Government Guidelines when being faced with repairs inside a customer flat. I recommend them totally

Lian Blencowe, Managing Director, Ceomplas

We have used London Drainage Services on a wide range of projects over the last 5 years. Their work has always been completed to an exceptionally high standard. Their approach is professional, pragmatic and honest. They are always willing to go the extra mile and have always provided us with a fantastic service.

Alex Walters, Group Head of Facilities, The Office Group

Having worked with several drainage companies in the past I can certainly attest that LDS are the most reliable and customer focussed contractor I have experienced.

Their teams are well presented and you can always rely on them to attend site with the attitude of getting the job completed. They have a wide array of tools and equipment at their disposal and building services knowledge that is far superior to many in the industry.

They are often asked after by other contractors who know their reliability won’t let them down.

Tania, Facilities Manager at Ovaltine Building Watford Herts

“London Drainage Services have been looking after all of our drainage requirements or a number of years now and during all of this time they have responded when required and always solved our drainage problems. We now engage them in a maintenance contract that suits us both, as they know the system well and are more pro-active than reactive, and this
helps us keep our emergency costs to a minimum, which also means keeping our services contract costs low and our tenants happy”

Michael Pritchard, Integrated Design Associates

“Whenever we need assistance with our drainage designs we always enlist the services of LDS, as the owner in particular has been designing Public Health Services for over 30 years, and as well as the technical excellence they also have a well grounded hands on attitude when managing installation works either by their teams or others”


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