Before you start panicking about the potential cost associated with a blocked or bust drain in your home or business, read our ultimate guide. Why? It offers some useful solutions for fixing everything from a clogged shower drain, to a faulty bathroom drain.

That’s right; we’ve done the research to save you a job – and we guarantee you’ll be feeling much better by the time you get to the end of this expert FAQ guide. Read on and stress less…

Bathtub and Shower Drain Repair: What Do I Need to Do?

Is the issue a leaking bathtub or shower drain? We’ve found a great YouTube video that’ll help you get things back on track.

What you’ll need is a replacement unit with a rubber gasket and a friction washer and it’s relatively simple to give it a go. Aside from the rubber gasket and friction washer, you’ll need some sealant too.

To begin, add the friction washer snugly in the plug hole, before grabbing your sealant and squirting a generous amount of it around the area.

Now, you’ll need a flange; add it inside the plug hole, ensuring your sealant is topped up. It’s simple to clean up – make sure you keep some towels close by, just in case you need them. For step-by-step instructions you can take in while you’re having your morning coffee, make sure you check out the video on the link above.

The maker of the YouTube tutorial insists that if you try this method you may not need to call out a professional team. Of course, you’ll need a few tools – like a hammer and a screwdriver, as well, but we reckon you’ll already own these.

If you’d prefer not to watch the video and instead follow a handy step-by-step guide, we love the one we spotted on This Old House – and we’ve revised it a little below. Here’s what to do:

Begin by Removing the Two Screws Holding the Trip Lever Plate to the Bathtub Wall – Ensure the screws are in a safe place, so they don’t slip down the drain.

Grasping the Trip Lever Plate, Pull Out the Brass Waste-and-Overflow Linkage – You can use a flexible retriever if the cylindrical brass plunger isn’t attached to the end of the linkage. And once you’ve done this, hook the plunger onto the edge of the linkage rod and pinch it closed with pliers, checking that it won’t easily slide off.

Next, Loosen the Locknut, Rotating the Plastic Fitting – This is simply to lengthen the linkage by around a quarter of an inch. You’ll then want to tighten the locknut, before slipping the brass plunger and linkage back down the overflow hole. Finally, replace the screws in the overflow plate, before flipping up the trip lever –  et voila!

Shower Drain Repair: Where to Start

Does your shower drain need repairing? Here’s what to do if it’s leaking and you’re worried about drain repair cost:

According to Handymanhowto – a great site with a host of DIY tips – fixing a faulty shower drain could cost you as little as $30 (£20).

The blog’s author says you should always keep an eye on the ceiling in every room in your house; it’s the only way to spot leaks as and when it occurs.

Placing an aluminium pan under the U-bend of the drain to catch the drips, this handyman worked his way around the crawlspace to ensure he could get a better view of the drain itself.

After he’d identified the source of the leak, he got to work. He says shower drains are made a little differently, depending on the construction of the shower pan. His is a preformed fibreglass shower cubicle with a modular screw-in solvent weld shower drain.

He began by removing the drain strainer body, before getting to work on repairing the leak.

Want to know more about how to repair a shower drain? Here’s part two of the guide we spotted on HandymanHowto

Kitchen Sink Drain Repair: How to Go About It

Want to know how to fix a faulty sink drain? It’s quite simple really. If you have a leak, it’s likely that something’s rotted – but you can fix it.

You’ll generally see a flanged tail piece underneath your sink, as well as a basket strainer, which catches all the food. You can see illustrations of each by clicking on the link above.

Once you’ve removed the basket strainer and spotted a hole, take the collar and put a roll of putty around it, before squishing it down into the sink. Now, go beneath the counter top and concentrate on putting the basket strainer assembly together.

Your drainage assembly will come with two gaskets – and if you head over to the YouTube video (above) you can find a handy step-by-step guide which will help you sort the issue. The cost of a broken drain needn’t be a problem; with handy videos like this you can see to the issue in no time.

How to Do a Clogged Drain Repair

Clogged drain repair on your hands? Where do you start? The fact is, there are all sorts of guides out there, but it’s knowing which one to choose.

We like this one from WikIHow, which suggests the answer lies in your kitchen cupboard. Got some vinegar? You won’t go far wrong. Reach into the back of your cupboards and put it to good use; it’s an essential product when it comes to unclogging a blocked drain.

Sewer Drain Repair: What to Do

Does your sewer drain need repairing? It could be due to corrosion iron piping, while it could be a result of a leak or crack. So, what do you do when it comes to sewer drain repair? In this instance, you really will need to call in a professional team – head to the very bottom of this article to find out more.

Toilet Drain Repair: How-to

Is it your toilet that’s suffering from a blockage? When it comes to the best way to do drain repairs, you’ll be pleased to know you can tackle them yourself – in most cases anyway.

The Family Handyman has a great guide to easy and effective drain repair. Simply begin with a plunger  and plunge the toilet with the rubber flange pulled out. This will allow for a better seal. Push and out vigorously, while keeping enough water in the bowl to cover the plunger itself – and make sure you keep some towels close by again; it could get messy.

Think you have a blockage? Don’t flush the toilet and instead just remove the tank lid and lift the flapper valve a bit. Allow a cup or so of water to drain into the bowl; this is a handy way to check if it goes down properly.

Now, simply lift the flapper a little to release some water. Start gently when plunging, as a big thrust may do more harm than good. Once you’ve forced out some air, try plunging vigorously. By doing so, you’ll be forcing water in both directions in the drain; this will work to loosen the clog. Always keep enough water in the bowl so the plunger stays covered – and stick with it. You may need to plunge up to 20 times to see results.

Now, grab a plumbing snake and spin the long, flexible wire into the drain. This will snag the clog and pull it out. Want some more advice? Simply click the link above to be taken to the full article.

Underground Drain Repair: What to Do

Do your underground pipes need some attention? If you’d like to try drain repair without excavation, it might be another occasion when only a professional team will do. Seek out the right experts and you’ll be glad you did.

Cracked Soil Pipe Repair: How To

Going from being a minor issue to a pretty big one, a cracked soil pipe needs to be seen to – and fast. But what to do? Here’s a few handy hints:

Cracked Sewer Pipe Repair: Some Online Tips

If you’re dealing with a cracked sewer pipe or want to know how to repair a corrugated drain pipe, you’ll find plenty of information here.

Perhaps you need to repair corrugated drain pip? Try forums like this one for some handy hints and tips for everything from a broken underground drain pipe,  a cracked drain under your house, or  collapsed drain repair cost.

Blocked Drains: When to Call Out the Professionals

Is the blocked drain issue persisting, despite your best efforts to eradicate it? It might be time to admit defeat and call out the professionals.

The good news is there are skilled people in London and the Home Counties who are ready and waiting to help you  sort the problem – and can do so quickly and efficiently.

Whether you need to sort a blocked drain, or you’re simply looking for some advice on drain maintenance or new installations, they can help.

Don’t wait until the problem gets even worse; pick up the phone and get it sorted.

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