In life, there’s always a tell-tale sign or two that something isn’t operating the way it should.

Vacuum cleaner making a funny noise? There’s probably something wrong with it. Black smoke coming from your car? Yep, it’s time to take it to the garage.

The same scenario goes for your drainage system; if water’s overflowing and therefore flooding your business premises, it’s a sure-fire sign that action needs to be taken – and fast! But imagine for a second if you could discover what the root cause of the issue is – and consider how much money that might save you in further repairs later down the line.

Well, now you can see what’s causing your drain blockage and it’s via a simple thing called a CCTV drainage survey.

What is a CCTV Drain Survey?

First things first, a CCTV drain survey can be used for residential or commercial premises.

The perfect way to ascertain the cause of a drainage issue, it gives business owners like you all the assurance you need that your company can resume its day-to-day operations with relative ease.

High-tech cameras and equipment can identify any of the following issues:

Why Does a CCTV Drainage Survey Make Sense for Your Company?

There are all sorts of reasons why putting a CCTV drainage survey in place will benefit your business, with the most obvious one being cost.

Put the steps in place now and you could save pounds later; nipping a drainage problem in the bud as and when it occurs – or, in a lot of cases, before it starts – will mean fewer bills for you at the end of the month.

Dealing directly with your insurance company, an expert drainage team will offer you a fixed quote for a survey which will reveal and record any drainage defects. You’ll receive a report which details what the expert team you’ve employed have discovered.

It will include a list of any issues and their location and will come with video footage or photos as evidence. Alternatively, you’ll be given a clean bill of health!

Let’s take a closer look at some of the issues a CCTV drainage survey could flag up.

Collapsed Drains – If your drains have been badly built, they may eventually collapse. There are other reasons for this occurrence, though – but you’ll have no way of knowing if you don’t call out the experts and get a CCTV drainage survey system.

Fractured Pipes – How do you know if you have fractured drain pipes? You might not discover a problem at all, I it wasn’t for a CCTV drainage survey. If you own a largescale business, you might find that fractured pipes are caused by pressure from above – such as vehicles driving over the ground. Of course, such pressure can do considerable damage, causing cracks and fractures in your draining pipes. You’ll have to act fast, too – as any contents may leak into the soil and result in even more damage to the premises.

Tree Roots – Seeking out moisture, tree roots can (conveniently!) find their way through existing faults in your drainage system. And the bad news is, once they’re in the drains, blockages may become much more regular.

Rodents – Got a pest problem? Your drains might be aware of it before you are! CCTV drainage surveys are a great way of checking for rodents in your business premises or home. As you’re probably aware, rats can sneak into the building via the drainage system. What that means for you is you’ll have to stay on your guard at all times; even the tiniest flaw in a pipe will ensure easy access for pesky rats.

A CCTV drainage survey should help you eradicate any of the issues you see above before they even arise.

How is a CCTV Drainage System Installed?

If you’ve ever wondered how a CCTV drainage system is set up, wonder no more.

The best and most cost-effective way to maintain the health of your drains, a survey of this kind will prove valuable almost immediately – and that’s simply because of the assurance it offers.

As home or business owners, we all want to know things are ticking over nicely and that a huge bill isn’t going to come out of the blue for any house repairs.

You’ll also be pleased to discover there’ll be minimal disruption to your day-to-day business operations with a CCTV drainage survey. It will run continuously, if needs be, and you won’t know it’s there.

So how is a system like this installed? Using state of the art survey technology, a professional team make the most of remote-controlled, specialist camera systems. Coupled with high-tech drainage software, the drain inspection – from start to finish – is made super simple.

You’ll be keeping your carbon footprint down, too; there’s absolutely no disruption to the environment or your property, so you can rest easy.

The specialist software means you’ll have a piece of the drainage action as well; you can watch any issues unfold via a DVD made for you by the experts. Of course, this is valuable information used to diagnose any issues which could develop into something even bigger.

Low-cost drainage survey equipment will be delivered to your premises, and thanks to specially-made camera equipment it can be easily fed down the drain line.

Mapping the length of your drains, as well as noting any other lines joining the drain (or obstructions like branches), drainage activity can be monitored almost immediately.

What’s the Cost of a CCTV Drainage Survey?

So, just how much does a CCTV drainage survey cost? As with all operations of this scale and nature, the cost is determined entirely with your individual requirements in mind. Every business and home is different and therefore each has a different set of needs. What one homeowner wants to discover via a CCTV drainage survey might not be what the next homeowner wants to know.

The best thing to do is to ask an expert time for a London CCTV drainage survey cost no-obligation quote. Then, you can simply go from there.

My Drains Seem Okay; Do I Really Need a CCTV Drainage Survey?

The answer is yes! While you might not be experiencing any issues just yet, it’s always worth erring on the side of caution – particularly if you’re a business or home owner. Prevention is often better than the cure, so consider taking necessary action – and getting a CCTV drainage system set up – at your earliest opportunity.

In terms of your business, it’s important to get any systems in place which will ultimately save you money. No one wants the downtime associated with a blocked or cracked drain; it will have a direct impact on your company and its day to day operations.

So, why not prevent any problems occurring by looking into the cost and ease of installation of a CCTV drainage survey? Diagnosing the condition of your pipework and letting you know when you might need to put a new drainage system in place, a survey like this offers fantastic value for money.

It’s unlikely you’ll regret spending money on a survey like this, given that it really will mean extra funds in your back pocket in the end.

Why Homeowners Should Consider a CCTV Drainage Survey

A thorough CCTV drainage survey can flag up any issues in a home you’re considering buying. After all, do you really want to move in and have the prospect of complicated repair work on your mind?

Giving you the peace of mind you want when putting a deposit down on a new place, a drainage survey could save you thousands of pounds in the long-run.

And What If There’s an Issue with Your Drains?

First, don’t panic! Most repair work can be undertaken quickly and efficiently by a team of drainage professionals. If you live in or around London, you can benefit from a whole host of local drainage services, each one carried out quickly and professionally.

Perhaps you’ve clogged up your sinks or toilets? Everyone knows that blocked drains can cause serious problems to the structure of your property. More than that though, it’ll give you a headache – and it can cause financial strain on you or your partner as well.

Expert engineers can provide fast and efficient blockage removal services using specialist machinery – and they’ll always respond to every issue in a timely manner.

Perhaps you have a problem with your current set up? Or maybe you’re worried about the threat of rodents or other pests? Repairing and installing drainage systems isn’t easy and we wouldn’t recommend you tackle it yourself.

Professional teams can undertake any work required, regardless of the size of your drains.

Any More Questions?

Got another question we haven’t covered here? Get in touch to discover all the ins and outs of a CCTV drainage system and why it’ll benefit you, your business and/or your home.

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