When you’re a homeowner, there’s always something that requires your attention. Whether it’s a washing machine that’s packed up, or a boiler that’s due to be replaced, it’s rare when jobs around the home don’t cost you time – and money.

But today on the site, we’re at least crossing one thing off your to-do list (and relieving you of a little stress in the process), by bringing you some handy solutions to unblock an outside drain. After all, we bet you could do with saving that money you’d have spent getting to the bottom of it. Read on…

What’s Caused Your Outside Drains to Block?

If your outside drain’s blocked, you’re probably wondering why. Here are just a few reasons you might encounter a dreaded blockage:

Is the Issue Fixable?

That all depends, but in most cases, you should be able to see to the issue without having to spend too much money, or put aside too much time.

Below, we’ve laid out just a few things you might want to try. We’ve also compiled a handy toolkit, so you can ensure that even if your drain isn’t blocked currently, you have everything you need on standby – just in case.

Unblocking Your Outside Drain with Your Garden Hose

Want to unblock an outside drain without spending money? Of course you do.

The maker of this YouTube video starts by saying ‘…this is the time of year when drains inevitably will get blocked’, stating that his drain blocks around twice every 12 months. The video was posted live in around November time, so do be aware that in autumn and winter you could experience a higher number of blockages.

So, what can you do? Follow Tom’s video and your drain could soon be right as rain. He suggests you should:

If that didn’t work, it’s time to try this next method….

Unblocking Your Outside Drain with Chemicals

If the video we linked above didn’t help you, don’t worry; this little drain unblockage tip might.

Don’t already have any drain unblockage chemicals in your garden shed or garage? You can buy them cheaply online, or in your local hardware shop.

Outside drain unblocker liquid might be the best – and cheapest – place to start. It’s also the easiest thing you can do, since the product will do all the hard work for you. Hooray to that.

Try something like this Outside Drain Unblocker liquid, available for less than £5 via eBay. One of the easiest ways to clear a blockage – and in only half an hour, according to the product spiel – this professional strength formulation can be used regularly to keep your drains smelling fresh, all year round.

If that didn’t work, turn to trusty old caustic soda to unblock your drains. Digital Spy has a great thread on the subject via its forum, with lots of people saying they’ve had success when trying this.

“Caustic soda will probably clear it. Or you could try plunging it, use a mop if you don’t have a plunger.” says one user, in response to someone’s initial query about unblocking an outside drain. Another adds: “I would try mechanical means/plunger first and then perhaps drain cleaners if that does not work.”

Essential Tools for Unblocking Your Outside Drain

So, what do you need if you’re planning on unblocking your outside drains yourself? Here’s a handy checklist of tools ad items you could keep in your shed. That way, they’re ready and waiting at a moment’s notice.

Caustic Soda – With a host of handy household uses, caustic sofa will certainly prove useful if you’re looking for an inexpensive outside drains unblocker. Also known as Sodium Hydroxide, it has many uses across lots of different industries. It’s ideal as a drain clearer, since it can dissolve anything from grease, fat, oils and protein-based products.

Plunger – Everyone should have a plunger lying around – they’re just so handy. Use it to unblock toilet or kitchen drains; it may just save you calling a professional outside drain unblocker in to tackle the job. It’s advisable, however, that if you’re planning to use a plunger in your toilet and your kitchen, that you don’t use the same one for each. If you do, make sure you thoroughly sanitise it after use.

Flexible Rod – A flexible drain unblocking rod will be your go-to tool if you have an outside drain blockage on your hands. Everyone should own one of these; they’re relatively inexpensive and should form an essential part of your drain unblocking tool kit.

Garden Hose – As Tom suggests in the video we linked to earlier, a garden hose may just help you unblock your drain – and it won’t cost you a penny.

Drain Unblocker Liquid – If the hose trick hasn’t worked, try some drain unblocker liquid. It’s easy to get hold of and cheap, too.

Broom – You’ll have one of these in your utility room; now it’s time to bring it out of that dusty corner and put it to good use! Who knew the end of a broom could save you money in costly repairs?!

Old Sheets – Still got those sheets that you used to cover your furniture when you painted the dining room? Dig them out from your airing cupboard and use them to pack your drain up for that hose pipe tip Tom used earlier. We bet this will more than do the job, and it should also save you money later down the line.

Old Container for Discarding of Debris – First things first when clearing your drains: a little elbow grease. You’ll probably have to get on your hands and knees for this one, so make sure you wear some old clothes. Grabbing a suitable old container, set it to one side and fill it with any debris and dirt you can fish out of your drain. We didn’t say it was a glamorous job, but it could be the first step to a clear and healthy drain.

So, do you have everything on this outside drain unblocker tool list? If not, perhaps it’s time you headed to the hardware shop and set up an emergency kit.

Outside drain unblocker liquid should be one of your first ports of call, since it’s so easy to use and will often cost you less than £10.

In terms of the best outside drain unblocker, that all depends on what’s caused the blockage in the first place. Different kinds of blockages will respond to different tools and products. Start slowly, trying one method at a time; don’t overdo it and try every method in this guide in the space of a few hours.

Here’s What to Do If You Have No Joy with DIY Solutions…

Sometimes, you just have to admit defeat. Unless you’d like to run the risk of trying another DIY solution and possibly doing more damage to your outdoor drains.

So, what do you do now? You call out a professional team, who can step in when the problem seems unsolvable.

Serving London and the surrounding area, drainage experts will identify the problem quickly and effectively, getting to work immediately to rectify any damage. After all, a drain blockage that’s left too long will cause harm to your home.

Time is certainly of the essence, then, when you have a blocked drain – and a professional service will always be fast and economical. Have a good look around the site for some more hints and tips, and to discover if we cover your area. We’ll have the job completed quickly and successfully – and you may even be left wondering why you bothered to get mucked up tackling it yourself.

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